The Average Cost For Professional Christmas Light Installation in Phoenix, Arizona

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What does it Cost To Have Christmas Lights Professional Installed In Phoenix, Arizona?

We’ve all done it. As the Christmas season approaches, we sit around plugging in old strings of lights while feverishly replacing bulbs to make the whole string work. We bundle up, lug out old ladders, put on our winter gear and hope for the best.

With any luck you’ll have enough functioning strands to plan out and attempt to build a display that you’re hoping will leave every onlooker awe-struck.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the end result of a hard day’s work doesn’t look anything like what we thought it would. And despite your best efforts you’re likely not winning any awards for all of your hard work.

The lines are never as straight as they should be, and the trees don’t look like what we envisioned while planning out the design from that home magazine or HGTV special you saw last week. If only there were a stress-free way to decorate the outside of the house for Christmas.

Well, there is. There are professional companies that install Christmas lights so that you don’t have to. These guys live and breathe lighting. They are expertly trained, licensed, bonded, insured and have a track record of impressive lighting displays that are guaranteed to impress and exceed expectations. This allows you to sit back and sip on some cocoa safely from the comfort of your cozy couch, instead of risking life and limb up on a ladder.

That’s great news! But, we’re all on a budget, especially around the holidays…so what is the average cost for a Christmas light installation?

Read on to learn more and find out how you can affordably get the most from professional Christmas light installation services.

Things That Can Effect Your Overall Cost

There is something we should cover before getting into the cost of professional light installation. Before we talk pricing, we need to take a look at some of the other factors that can affect the overall cost of a display. The following things can increase the price of installation:

  • Type of lights being used
  • Size of the project
  • The difficulty of the project
  • Weather

These are just a few factors that play into the overall price of Christmas light installation. Most people who have used professional light services are more than pleased with the end results, and everything that comes along with the final cost.

What’s Usually Included With The Service?

Holiday Lights Phoenix offers a free quote to kick off your decorating needs. Imagine sitting down with a professional who will help you plan out exactly what you want. They will give you an overall cost for their services before they start. Also, what you end up paying will cover so much more than the installation.

When you get your Christmas lights professionally installed by Holiday Lights Phoenix, you get more than just incredible lighting. The services are all-inclusive. This means you get installation, maintenance, and removal for one price. Imagine not having to struggle with building your display or trying to keep it working. If your lights go out after they are up, you can call someone to come out and repair them.

Few people consider the time and effort that will go into taking all the lights back down. Holiday Lights Phoenix will come to your home and do all the work for you, storing the decorations until you need them again. You don’t even have to be home for the removal process. They will come out and take down the display without interfering with your schedule.

Average Cost For Services

So, you already know that different factors will play into the overall cost of light installation. With those things in mind, you can use these prices to figure out how much your display needs may run.

Roof Lighting: A lot of people like the gingerbread look of a house outlined in lights. The clean lines provided by expert installers will really lighten up the Christmas season. The cost of this will ultimately come down to the size of a home. The average price for LED lighting will run $5 – $7 per linear foot.

Tree Wrapping: Wrapping a tree in lights is something that is growing in popularity. The size of the tree will play a factor in the overall price. The charge for decorating will be around $10 – $20 per strand of lights. A 10 – 15-foot tree can be decorated with 5 – 6 strands. If you are looking for a tighter grouping of lights, the number of strands needed will increase. This will affect the price of the project.

Bushes And Shrubs: Maybe you like the more traditional look of wrapping the bushes or shrubs in front of the house. This pricing is also done per strand of lights. The cost will be about $12 a strand, and it will take 2 – 3 strands to cover a medium-sized bush. Once again, the size of the shrubs will play a part in the number of strings needed to complete the look you want.

The prices above are estimates of what the average cost for Christmas light installation will be. By contacting Holiday Lights Phoenix, you can get a free quote and figure out what decorations will fit into the budget you have to work with.

What Are You Waiting For?
The longer you wait to get your free quote, the more expensive the job can be. Weather also plays a factor in the price of decorating. If it’s cold, icy, or snowy, the difficulty of the project goes up along with the price. Make sure and plan out your installation for around Thanksgiving, and this will help save you money on the overall project.

If you want an artistic look that’s sure to enhance your holiday season, you won’t be disappointed with professional Christmas light installation. You can’t go wrong with an all- inclusive cost that covers everything from installation to removal. Get your free quote today and let Holiday Lights Phoenix brighten up your holiday.

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